March - Aquamarine

Welcome to the beautiful world of Aquamarine, the birthstone for March. This stunning gem derives its name from the Latin word "aquamarine," which translates to "seawater." Just like the crystal-clear waters of a tropical ocean, Aquamarine exudes a sense of calm and tranquility.

Known for its mesmerizing blue hues ranging from pale sky-blue to deep sea-green, this gemstone is believed to bring clarity and focus to those who wear it. In ancient times, Aquamarine was thought to protect sailors at sea and keep them safe on their voyages.

Aquamarine's soothing energy is said to promote communication and self-expression, making it an ideal stone for artists, writers, and public speakers. Whether you're seeking inner peace or looking to enhance your creativity, Aquamarine can be your guiding light.

So dive into the enchanting world of Aquamarine. 
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MHART jewelry is handmade by designer Michael Hartney. He has two studios located in NYC and Barcelona. He travels between each city throughout the year creating the collections with sustainable manufacturing.

Each and every piece is handmade by himself using quality materials. Michael draws his inspiration from his travels and interest in gemstones, fashion, culture and art.

The gemstones and materials used to create each collection have been collected throughout his travels and gives character and individuality to each design. All materials sourced are sustainable and of the highest quality.

Michael’s exceptional handwork skills combined with his eye for fashion trends result in designs that are fashion forward and unique to MHART’s style.