April - Diamond Quartz

The birthstone of the month of April is none other than the magnificent diamond! At MHART, we proudly showcase a stunning collection of one-of-a-kind pieces crafted from exquisite Herkimer diamonds. These gemstones are truly extraordinary, as they are double-terminated quartz crystals that possess an unrivaled sparkle and brilliance. With origins rooted in Herkimer County, New York. Each handcrafted piece in our collection showcases the sheer beauty and allure of these unique stones. Discover your own captivating piece of April's birthstone and let its undeniable charm leave you breathless.

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MHART jewelry is handmade by designer Michael Hartney. He has two studios located in NYC and Barcelona. He travels between each city throughout the year creating the collections with sustainable manufacturing.

Each and every piece is handmade by himself using quality materials. Michael draws his inspiration from his travels and interest in gemstones, fashion, culture and art.

The gemstones and materials used to create each collection have been collected throughout his travels and gives character and individuality to each design. All materials sourced are sustainable and of the highest quality.

Michael’s exceptional handwork skills combined with his eye for fashion trends result in designs that are fashion forward and unique to MHART’s style.