Our Caged Gemstone Collection gets an update with new gemstones.

After many months being trapped inside due to "Covid" I spotted a little spider on one of my indoor plants that was spinning a web. As I watched this little spider build his web on this massive plant, I sat there with the gemstones I had sourced prior to lockdown thinking on what I could possible to with them since I was unable to do metal work outside of the studio. This little spiders web was the inspiration to my innovative caged-chain concept. I started with the idea that each of these stones could be wrapped in this spiders web but with chain. Not only was this spiders web inspiring the future for these gemstones but also the feeling of being trapped inside my home felt like being in a cage. This became especially relevant during lockdown. Now, we're out and about with lockdown long behind us. We can wear these pendants proudly after all the hard work that went into creating them.

Every gemstone has been hand selected, polished and caged in sterling silver or gold vermeil chains.


Our Caged Gemstone Collection continues to grow with our new selection of one-of-a-kind gemstones. This collection pulls inspiration from spider webs. The intricate chain design surrounding each stone mimics a spider's web. 


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Photography Credit: Christopher Klettermayer


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