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To find out your ring size, you need to measure the finger you want the ring to be on, here is a simple method to determine your size:

you will require:

  • a piece of string, say 6 inches long (a strip of paper will do just as well)
  • a pen to mark the string/paper
  • a ruler
  1. Wrap the piece of string or paper around the base of the finger that you want to measure.
  2. Then, take the pen and mark on the string or paper where it overlaps to form a complete circle around your finger.
  3. Then, run the string or paper along your ruler to measure it's length in mm.
  4. Lastly compare this measurement with the chart below to find the nearest measurement to yours. This will then be the size you require.



Size 4: 1 13/16 inches

Size 5: 1 15/16 inches

Size 6: 2 1/16 inches

Size 7: 2 1/8 inches

Size 8: 2 1/4 inches

Size 9: 2 5/16 inches

Size 10: 2 7/16 inches

Size 11: 2 9/16 inches

Size 12: 2 5/8 inches

Size 13: 2 3/4 inches

Size 14: 2 7/8 inches