Morning Inspiration

Michael HartneyComment
beads african.jpg
beads african.jpg

Its that time again, to design the next collection. I am smiling ear to ear :) This is my favorite moment.

I wake up at 6 am, to make myself an iced espresso and lock myself and my french bull dog in my studio for the day :)

The early mornings are the most creative time of day for me. My mind is empty and ready to start fresh with new ideas. I am constantly designing and creating new product this way - it will take weeks until a collection is finalized. Each morning there is a new idea and it is executed. I believe there is no excuse for me to hold back and not develop an idea, I want to design and create everything that comes to mind, it is when I am finalizing the full collection that I do my edit. I then work as a stylist to pull the right designs together and create a beautiful flow for the season.


As you know MHART is inspired by my travels from exotic destinations around the world to a tribe hand weaving baskets for every day use. It is this artisan work that is always inspiring to me. I want the jewelry I create to be loved and worn every day, as it is something you need rather then want.

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