My Quill Collection

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One of the first designs, for MHART was a porcupine quill adorned with a hand carved skull head on top. This pendant is still in the collection today. One of my favorite necklaces, I in fact wear it every day.

Among many of the natural materials I use throughout the collection, porcupine quills are one of my favorites. Each quill is unique in its own way; in shape, color, and size.

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Porcupines naturally shed there quills, so no animals are harmed in the process of making any of my quill necklaces.

Porcupines naturally shed there quills, so no animals are harmed in the process of making any of my quill necklaces.

Porcupines quills are released by contact with them, or they may drop out when the porcupine shakes its body. New quills grow to replace lost ones. From ancient times, it was believed that porcupines could throw their quills at an enemy, but this has long been refuted.

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Every few months I collect new quills to restock, and carefully clean, sanitize, and shed down the tips so the quill is not sharp for the wearer.

Every quill is unique in its own way, if you are purchasing one of MHART Quill necklaces and would like to see the quills I have available, please feel free to email me and I can send you images of current inventory. (email:

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Porcupine Skull Necklace
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Morning Inspiration

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beads african.jpg

Its that time again, to design the next collection. I am smiling ear to ear :) This is my favorite moment.

I wake up at 6 am, to make myself an iced espresso and lock myself and my french bull dog in my studio for the day :)

The early mornings are the most creative time of day for me. My mind is empty and ready to start fresh with new ideas. I am constantly designing and creating new product this way - it will take weeks until a collection is finalized. Each morning there is a new idea and it is executed. I believe there is no excuse for me to hold back and not develop an idea, I want to design and create everything that comes to mind, it is when I am finalizing the full collection that I do my edit. I then work as a stylist to pull the right designs together and create a beautiful flow for the season.


As you know MHART is inspired by my travels from exotic destinations around the world to a tribe hand weaving baskets for every day use. It is this artisan work that is always inspiring to me. I want the jewelry I create to be loved and worn every day, as it is something you need rather then want.

Discover some of my favorite pieces in the collection

Lapis Tranquility

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It is believed that Lapis can bring the wearer inner peace and enhance their memory. When hand making each MHART piece of jewelry it is important that there is meaning behind each hand crafted design. Our Lapis Lazuli pieces are one of our most loved treasures in the line.

MHART x Saks Fifth Avenue Collaboration

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Shop our favorite styles right now, on sale now at Saks Fifth Avenue.  This past month we collaborated with Saks to offer some of our best hand crafted styles!  You can shop the collection now in store and online!

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